2022 Volleyball Tryouts will be August 15th- 6:00pm GYM A at Noble High School

We have 25 uniforms to fill between both teams, varsity will have 10-12 total players and JV will fill the remainder. 
Starting the 17th, practices will be every day (except for Fridays) at 3:00pm, up until the first game, which is September 1st.
After the first game, days in between games will be practice days, all at 3:00pm as well. 
All players are required to get physicals and impact testing
All players have to pass every class
All players have to attend every class (except for excused absences) 
All players have to attend practices, unless excused. 
All players are responsible for getting their own knee pads and uniform bottoms (black). We provide a home and away uniform top. 
Uniform bottoms can be shorts, spandex, or skirt, only requirement is they have to be black
Any undergarments have to match the primary color of the uniform.

Volleyball Schedule