Before Student-Athletes may practice, play or be issued equipment, the following must be completed and submitted to the Athletic Department:


1: Fill out the correct Participation form (High School: Grades 9,10,11,12) (Middle School: Grades 6,7,8)







2. MANDATED MPA FORM FOR ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION (Complete this form once, Information will remain confidential to NHS Health personnel only)

If an athlete has already participated in the Fall 2020 season, they do not need to complete this form.

COVID-19 Specific Health History Form


3. Sports Physical Examination Form: Must provide evidence that the student-athlete has had a physical within the past two years and has been cleared by a physician to participate in the school’s athletic program(s). This form, or a copy of a physical from the physician's office may be emailed to or or faxed to 207-676-2829.


4. Assumption of Risk Waiver: Must be returned to the athletics office before an athlete may begin practicing. (If an athlete has already participated in the Fall 2020 season, they do not need to complete this form again).


5. ImPact Test (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY) (please review this information in this link)


6. Activity Fee: The activity fee for each sport is due at the beginning of the sports season. There are three methods to pay the activity fee:

        1. My School Bucks (online payment system)

        2. Check made out to MSAD 60 Athletics

        3. Cash

To Be Read only (no signature required) By Athletes and Parents:


There are (4) four documents on the Athletic Training Webpage that need to be read before completing the sign-up process.

Noble Student-Athlete Handbook

Noble Athletes Pledge


678 Student-Athlete Handbook

Cautionary Statements by Sport:

Basketball Cautionary Statement

Ice Hockey Cautionary Statement

Indoor/Outdoor Track Cautionary Statement

Wrestling Cautionary Statement



What equipment your athlete needs to play Noble sports

Required Participation Forms