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Maine State Rocket League Champions 
Spring 2023

Maine State League of Legends Champions
Fall 2021 & Fall 2022 & (Spring 23 2nd Place)

1st In Person Championships

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eSports Schedule

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We Don't Practice on Holidays or snow days.

Students should practice remotely on snow days.


(Everyone- All Teams)

2:30 - 4:45


(No Rocket League) (LoL Game Day)

2:30 - (5:30 LoL players) (4:45 - Everyone else)


(No League of Legends or Mario Kart) (Smash Game Day)

2:30 - 4:45


 (No Smash) (Rocket League / Mario Kart Game Day)

2:30 - 4:45

What is Esports?

High School Esports

Benefits of Esports

What is League of Legends?

What is Rocket League?

What is Super Smash Bros. ?

Esports Information

Establishing esports in high school enables students to do what they love and provides them with additional opportunities to earn recognition and scholarships while developing priceless critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Character Growth

Students build character and develop discipline through practice and competition


STEM Skill Growth

Esports competition is rooted in technology, and provides a natural pathway for students pursuing college majors in the STEM category.


Socilization Skills

Many students are already passionate about gaming, and esports provides an environment where they can come together and bond over a shared interest.

Industry Experience

Esports is a relatively new field offering a wide variety of careers, from on-screen analysts to back-end engineers who build the games.

Student Engagement

Esports is the only co-ed, all-inclusive high school sport, and engages students who might not otherwise participate in school activities or athletics.

GPA Improvement

Both teachers and parents have reported a renewed interest in schoolwork and an improvement in grades as a result of participation.

Noble Knights Esports
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